New Update! Group Challenges

This posts marks the Microvist update that adds group challenges. As of right now you can start any of our challenges, invite friends and to do them together! It's been pretty easy for us to find people who care and are doing good things for the environment. These people are often pretty vocal and proud... Continue Reading →

Our Week of No Plastic Waste (Sort of)

One of the first challenges we decided to take on this year was plastic free. Disclaimer: We knew we would fail. We deliberately chose to start off with one of the tougher challenges first, specifically to highlight that not all of these can be completed on the first try. And that’s ok. Making small improvements... Continue Reading →

Hello World

We are an ordinary couple living in the north of the UK. We are far from environmentalists, but we think anyone can make small steps to make their life a little bit more sustainable. You don’t have to be a full blown activist. Why not start as a Microvist? One of the things that brought... Continue Reading →

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