Are You A Microvist?

👋 Hey there lovely people, Tobias here and today I wanted to do a quick post asking you if you’re a Microvist.

Truth be told it’s a made up word – but as the creator of the Microvist project at I felt entitled to claim and define it.

Will it become a popular culture word like millennial or boomer? Probably not, but I still want to talk about what it means to me.

What Is A Microvist

The term Microvist is simply the words “Micro” and “Activist” slapped together. I don’t see myself as an activist or eco warrior (yet), but I do see the need to act on the ever growing issues that surround us.

I’m more of an eco starter, wanting to make small changes to my lifestyle that help the planet. It’s not much, but it’s honest work.

So I define a Microvist as a person taking small individual actions that benefit the planet. This could be for anything from climate change to human rights, but the key thing is you’re making a change.

What A Microvist Is Not

The key takeaway is the changes are individual and small.

Going to a protest, contacting your government, changing your social media profile picture are not challenges you’ll find on

Don’t get me wrong, these are important parts of making change. For me though, they fall more under the Activist umbrella. Bigger picture things of raising awareness and widespread change. They stray away from the small and individual change of a Microvist.

Why Not Both?

There’s no reason you can’t be both a Microvist and Activist. In fact I believe both are needed. You can make changes in your lifestyle and fight for broader change.

I believe that like me, many are a little intimidated by the word Activist. The Microvist is a stepping stone towards a bigger picture.

Also, should you later become or already happen to be an Activist, it doesn’t mean you have to stop being a Microvist too.

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