10 Challenges That Can Be Done While Social Distancing

With the current situation in the world, most of our lives have changed drastically over the last few weeks. We hope everyone is keeping safe and taking steps to protect their local community.

We have put together a list of challenges that can still be achieved while staying at home, either by default or by incorporating small tweaks to how you would typically go about these.

If you are currently self-isolating and/or social distancing and are looking for ideas to stop you from going stir-crazy, you can consider the challenges below.

Please remember that during times like these it’s completely ok if you can’t go for the most sustainable options out there. Make sure you focus on keeping yourself and others safe above all else.

  • The Reducetarian: For at least some days of the week replace meat with meat free alternatives.
  • Plant a Tree: Go and plant a tree (in your own garden). Or a shrub. Or a flower. Gardening is great for your mental health during self-isolation.
  • Local Shopper: For at least some days of the week buy some of your groceries from local sources. Note: It’s worth considering supporting your local businesses during this challenging time and avoiding the crowds in supermarkets. However, make sure you do this with everyone’s safety in mind, as you don’t want to overcrowd a small local store. Check if the business has any particular arrangements in place at the moment, such as allocated collection slots or home deliveries, before you pay them a visit.
  • Meal Plan: For a week plan your meals. Note: It’s a good idea to think about your meals to avoid unnecessary visits to the shop. However, please be considerate to others and don’t go overboard with stockpiling. Buy food items that can be used in multiple meals, and only buy as much as you need for the next 4-5 days to make sure everyone can do the same.
  •  Cleaner Cleaning: Use non-toxic cleaning products or natural alternatives – as above, buy these in sensible quantities; one bottle of all surface-cleaner is perfectly fine for most households.
  • Compost: For the week put your compostable waste in a compost space.
  • Grow Your Own Food: Plant and grow your own fruit, vegetables or herbs instead of buying them.
  • Working From Home: For at least some days of the week work from home instead of commuting to your workplace. Note: It is now especially important to attempt this one if it is at all possible in your line of work – not just for the environment.
  • Tell A Friend: Go and tell a friend about microvist.com. If you do this one, please do so virtually or over the phone, and not in person. Share your earned badges online, and be safe.

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