The Microvist Project

I’m Tobias, the developer behind Since we’ve just launched the blog to accompany the main site I thought it best to add a little piece on what exactly the Microvist project is.

If you want to know a little about the people behind the Microvist checkout our first Hello World blog post.

The Foundations

At its core the Microvist is a pool of challenges and badges that can be achieved for completing those challenges.

The goal of these challenges is to get individuals started in doing good things for the planet they live on. The challenges themselves are short term and bite sized so they aren’t too daunting but also get people thinking about simple lifestyle changes that they could reasonably make.

Forming Habits

Our hope is that once someone has set themselves a goal, achieved it and gained the badge they come back for more. Either repeating the challenge and leveling up the badges they have or looking for inspiration of something new they can change.

Badges and short feedback loops on challenges is at a simplistic attempt at gamification for environmental sustainability. Adding an element of fun and competitiveness to the mix to draw those who may not have been as tempted otherwise.

What The Microvist is Not

It’s becoming clearer each day that our planet is falling into a terrible state and drastic changes are needed sooner rather than later.

The Microvist is not here to solve this. Our challenges may not seem like enough to solve the mess we’re in but this is intentional. Our challenges are here to get people started and ease them into the right mindset and habits that we hope in turn will contribute towards something greater.

All these small steps done by many probably won’t save the world – but it’s a start to something that might.

Our Future

The foundations for the Microvist has been laid and over time we’ll add more challenges, write our own insights from doing challenges, post tips & tricks we discover and build a community for those that want to do something but need a little inspiration on where to start.

Wish us luck.

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